AliExpress Paypal: How to shop on AliExpress using Paypal?

AliExpress Paypal – Paypal is a top online payment gateway of choice for most international buyers. However, when you shop in AliExpress or any Alibaba-owned shopping sites, Paypal is not being offered as payment method. The reason for this is Alibaba Group has its own payment system which is actually similar to Paypal. But most consumers from overseas markets have been used to using Paypal service. For one, Paypal offers a secure gateway where users don’t need to provide any credit card details to another online portal when paying for goods, or services. It is very convenient to use, and users can easily tie up their bank account or debit and credit cards. Moreover, payment transfer is very fast using Paypal, and can instantly be received by the payee in just a minute within transfer.

AliExpress Paypal: Shop at AliExpress using Paypal

How to buy goods in AliExpress using Paypal? 

International shoppers can buy stuff at using Paypal thru AliExpress Agent. AliExpress Agent is a reliable buying agent from China that offers Paypal for shoppers who wants to buy quality and affordable goods from the popular online shopping site. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use your card to pay for AliExpress Agent service. AliExpress Agent shall send you a Paypal invoice with dedicated pay button function where you can pay directly using your card, even without a Paypal account. Thus, your payment is still processed via Paypal service, as the intermediary payment system.

What to pay for AliExpress Agent service?

For the information of first time users of AliExpress Agent, AliExpress Agent sends two billings for its service. The cost analysis for each bill are provided as follows:

First Bill cost components:

  1. Item Cost. This is the total cost of your requested products. Price per unit is based on AliExpress seller published price.
  2. Service Fee. AliExpress Agent service commission is computed as 5% of product cost (item cost).

Second Bill cost components:

  1. Domestic Freight. This is the shipping fee to deliver your order from the seller to AliExpress Agent’s processing center in China, where your goods are inspected, consolidated, packaged, and stored.
  2. International Shipping Fee. The fee to ship your parcel from China to your designated overseas address.
  3. Payment Service Charge. As Paypal charges us for each receipt, we charge customer 4% as payment service charge. Shop securely with AliExpress Paypal.

For more information on how to order with AliExpress Agent, please read AliExpress Agent Order Guide.

What are the services that you can avail from AliExpress Agent?

AliExpress Agent serves as the intermediary between the buyer and seller. AliExpress Agent makes sure all specifications are clear and then buys your requested products from AliExpress seller. Inclusive services are inspection, consolidation, packing, storage, shipping services, etc. AliExpress Agent checks each product to ensure it is in good condition and conforms to order specifications. If there is an issue with the product, AliExpress Agent proactively resolves it for you, and handles return, exchange, and communications with the seller.

AliExpress Agent also offers dropshipping services. Thus, you can confidently buy from China’s top online marketplaces, and we check the products for you and ship directly to your customer without hassle! Learn more about AliExpress Agent Dropshipping.

With AliExpress Agent, you can shop confidently and securely at AliExpress using Paypal. And for a minimal amount of fee, you unlock all the services you need to optimize your AliExpress Shopping! Shop now with AliExpress Agent and enjoy the benefits!

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